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Jan Christensen (Norway)

Jan Christensen, Everybody Thinks That It Means Too Much, 2005, Wall painting, acrylic paint, 584 x 915 cm, Installation view: Charlottenborg, Copenhagen.Studio 11
August - November 2005
Painting/sculpture/installation/mixed media/curatorial practice
Jan Christensenís work consists mostly of big installations for exhibitions and site-specific projects. Most of his work is wall drawing and painting, it is carefully planned out and sketched with a computer before it is meticulously carried out on location. Like his previous residencies at the Villa Arson in Nice and IASPIS in Stockholm, Jan hopes to use his time at IMMA to execute large on-going work, preferably a mural in the studio and additional experimental works. Jan uses a wide scope of visual references in his work from architectural plans to iconic imagery from pop culture. He is also influenced greatly by Franz Ackerman is showing at IMMA during his time on residence.

The Process Room

Jan Christensen's work was shown in the Process Room from November 1†until November 13 2005.

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