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01 Nov 2006
31 May 2007
Fernanda Chieco (Brazil)
Fernanda Chieco’s work sits somewhere between a medical textbook, a folio of classical drawings and the physical laboratory of a lunatic inventor.

31 Oct 2006
31 Mar 2007
Mark Garry (Ireland)
Mark Garry has a site-specific installation practice concerned with devising methods that engage with and navigate viewers through physical spaces.

02 Oct 2006
31 Mar 2007
Delphine Balley (France)
For French photographer Delphine Balley the camera is a tool, which allows her to see through reality and have access to fantasy.

01 Sep 2006
23 Nov 2006
Shiro Masuyama (Japan)
Shiro Masuyama artistic process originated with his studies at architecture school. Masuyama is interested in involving the people he comes across in the city in his work.

01 Sep 2006
31 Dec 2006
Anne Seagrave (Ireland/Spain)
Anne Seagrave is a visual artist specialising in movement based live art performance, video installation, original audio and interdisciplinary practice.

01 Aug 2006
30 Sep 2006
Kirstin Arndt (Germany)
Kirstin Arndt’s work deals with the possibilities of being in time and space. She is interested in the fruition of the ‘image/picture’.

01 Jul 2006
31 Oct 2006
Idetsuki Hideaki (Japan)
Idetsuki Hideaki is concerned with the distance between human beings and their surroundings.

01 Jul 2006
31 Aug 2006
Thessia Machado (Brazil)
Machado is a Brazilian artist living and working in New York. Her work explores the integration of materials through installation and digital animations.

01 Jun 2006
31 Jul 2006
Abinadi Meza | US
Meza is interested in using ephemeral media such as sound to create transformative spaces and unusual situations that suggest new possibilities, readings and methods.

01 May 2006
31 Jul 2006
Louise Bertelsen (Denmark) & Po Shu Wang (USA)
Lousie Bertelsen and Po Shu Wang’s common interest in site-specific work led them to collaborate and found LIVING LENSES in 1999.

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