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07 May 2004
23 May 2004
In the Time of Shaking: Irish Artists for Amnesty International
In the Time of Shaking is a fundraising exhibition for Art for Amnesty, presented in association with IMMA, comprising works by more than one hundred of Ireland's most important contemporary artists

27 Apr 2004
17 Oct 2004
Bearings: Landscapes from the IMMA Collection
This exhibition from IMMA’s Collection looks at the ways in which artists engage with the landscape in order to address the question of man’s place in the world.

04 Feb 2004
25 Apr 2004
Francesco Clemente: New Works
The first major exhibition in Ireland by the internationally-acclaimed Italian artist Francesco Clemente comprises more than 60 works, including some 20 paintings, 10 pastels and 30 watercolours

21 Jan 2004
09 May 2004
Martin Puryear
This exhibition by the American artist Martin Puryear presents some 15 works focusing on large-scale sculpture from 1997 - 2001 and large limited edition prints from 2001 and 2002

21 Jan 2004
28 Mar 2004
Branching Out
The Branching Out programme enabled six venues to offer an engaging educational experience linked to exhibitions from the IMMA Collection to various groups within the wider community throughout 2003

10 Dec 2003
08 Feb 2004
Langlands and Bell: The House of Osama bin Laden
This exhibition comprises six works created by Langlands and Bell in response to a two-week visit to Afghanistan in October 2002, commissioned by the Imperial War Museum, London.

26 Nov 2003
22 Feb 2004
Louise Bourgeois: Sculpture and Drawings
The first large-scale exhibition in Ireland by Louise Bourgeois, one of the greatest artists of our time, comprises some 20 works and focuses mainly on her soft sculptures and related drawings.

11 Nov 2003
12 Apr 2004
Public and Private Narratives
Selected works from the IMMA Collection. This exhibition looks at the ways in which visual artists respond to issues and events that have either personal or public significance

29 Oct 2003
02 Jan 2004
Living in Motion: Design and Architecture for Flexible Dwelling
This exhibition is one of the largest modern design exhibitions ever held in Ireland.

29 Oct 2003
04 Jan 2004
Knut Åsdam
Knut Åsdam uses a variety of media, from sound and video, to photography and architecture, to investigate the notion of physical space.

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