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Shiro Masuyama (Japan)


Studio 6A
September - November 2006

architecture/mixed media
Shiro Masuyama artistic process originated with his studies at architecture school. Masuyama is interested in involving the people he comes across in the city in his work. He contextualizes his work by placing it in public spaces. Masuyama has developed tactics to encourage the involvement of the passerby. Through the use of motifs such as money, sex, office workers, mass media and cigarettes – these are popular and familiar to the public and act as lures to draw public attention.
The constructed object that appears in his work is only preliminary to the completed project. Masuyama considers his work complete when people interact with it “I think my work is different from so-called ‘communication art’ or conventional ‘interactive art’. These projects create a reverse of the standpoint of the viewer and the artist - the artist watches the viewer and the viewer is watched. What I am trying to do is to make the situation itself a medium, not only showing something on a medium.”
Shiro Masuyama lives and works in Berlin and Kanagawa, Japan. Masuyama has had solo exhibitions and solo performances at Stadtgalerie, Kiel 2006; ADN Galeria, Barcelona 2006; MAK, Vienna 2006; Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin 2005; CAI Contempoary Art International, Hamburg 2005; Contemporary Art Factory, Tokyo 2002. Previous residencies include Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin 2004-05; Hangar, Barcelona 2003 and ISCP, New York 2002-2003.

Exhibition in Process Room and IMMA's Courtyard
Masuyama's work is being shown in the Process Room and IMMA's courtyard from 14 - 26 November 2006. 

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