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The Event Horizon : Participating Artists - Part II

Helena Almeida
Born in Portugal, 1936. Almeidaís work concerns the relationship between painting, photography and performance. At IMMA, she will exhibit a recent work, consisting of twenty photographs, in which the development of a gesture within a photographic series is explored.

Anna-Eva Bergman (see Part I)
Philippe Chavent
Born in France, Chavent is the chef and owner of the Lyon restaurant, La Tour Rose. Known for his inventive combinations of diverse products and preparations, he will create a special project for the opening of Part II of The Event Horizon, which examines the narrative properties of dining.

Atom Egoyan (see Part I)
Seamus Farrell
Born in 1965 (to Irish parents). Lives and works in Paris. Farrell has consistently created works in which he examines the influence of architecture and history on our lives, asking the viewer to approach actively the representation of a particular site of activity. His project for IMMA concerns the way in which an event (in this case, one staged in Paris this past summer) may be documented in many different ways and still remain elusive.

Ann-Veronica Janssens
Born in 1956 in Folkstone (to Belgian parents). Lives and works in Brussels. Janssensí work explores the relationship that various artistic media (sculpture, photography, film, sound and light installations) can have with determining our experience of space. She will create a site-specific environment for the second half of The Event Horizon.

Michelangelo Pistoletto
Born in Biela, Italy in 1933. Lives and works in Turin. One of the foremost contributors to the movement known as Arte Povera, Pistoletto will work with Philippe Chavent to create a work which examines the theatrical possibilities of the ritual of dining.

Sam Taylor-Wood (see Part I)
Jean-Pierre Temmerman
Born in Zaire, in 1957 to Belgian parents. Lives and works in Antwerp. Temmermanís work is frequently concerned with cinema, dreams and travel. He works with light projections, found objects, jigsaw puzzles, photographs, etc. His photoworks include a series of images related to the beginnings of photography and the cinema. Four of these photographs will be shown at IMMA.

Mitja Tusek
Born in Slovenia in 1961, Tusek has lived and worked in Switzerland and Belgium. His paintings, which are usually accumulations of beeswax mixed with pigment, are investigations into the relationship between figuration and abstraction, often times through the subject of a landscape.


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