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IMMA Residency Programme > Projects Archive

Lee Welch & Stéphane Béna Hanly: The Grammar of Ornament

IMMA Residency   28.03.15

Hosted by Lee Welch and Stéphane Béna Hanly



You don't need to be in a dentist's office to get your teeth fixed.


Although a comprehensive examination will likely be done the first time you visit.


- - - - - - -


Where is a place people always go to to do something?


Taxi driver

Be my shrink for the hour

Leave the meter running

It's rush hour

So take the streets if you wanna

  - - - - - - -

  Oh, like, like, like plants don't need to be grown in a garden.

The greenest of plants grow…


For the low maintenance gardener.


If you prefer the low maintenance approach to gardening then we have a great range of lifelike articial plants that remain just as fresh looking year after year. Perfect if you can't have a live plant, but still want to enjoy the beauty of nature. You can also browse our range of plant pots that come in many shapes, colours and sizes to bring the greenery you always dreamt of to life.

  - - - - - - -

  I told you not to smile.

Your supposed to be immortalised, not happy.

  If only you had attached my legs, I wouldn't be in this ridiculous position. Now, remember, you have a responsibility to me, so don't do anything foolish.


Lee Welch Info


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