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Paul Morrison: haematoxylon


Morrison, Sepal, 2002

British artist, Paul Morrison, has gained international recognition for his bold
graphic-style black and white landscape paintings. His first solo exhibition in
Ireland includes site-specific wall installations accompanied by related paintings
and a new video piece. Morrison sources his plant imagery from popular and classical
references. He draws not only on Victorian botanical books for inspiration but
also on cartoons and art history, from Dürer to Lichtenstein, to create abstracted
and often magnified visions of landscape. These breathtaking compositions, produced
by eliminating colour, leave the viewer to project their own associated vision
onto the canvas utilizing ‘colour from behind the eye’. Morrison’s approach to
film making is similarly eclectic to his handling of paint. In the video piece,
'Cambium', he combines heavily modified footage from a number of feature films
and cartoons, ranging from Marathon Man and The Evil Dead to Bambi and Fantasia.
Like his paintings, the film is monochromatic yet manipulated in such a way that
is full of contrasts, introducing a new focus on light and shadow which is deliberately
absent in the paintings.


A publication accompanies the exhibition with essays by Jörg Heiser, Berlin-based
editor of 'frieze' magazine, London, and Rachael Thomas, Curator: Exhibitions,

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