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Public Art Resources


Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space, Boston, MA: Beacon Press, 1994.

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Art Best Placed, Sligo Local Authorities Public Art Plan, 2004-2006, available on the Sligo County Council website:

Art and the City: Review of the Cork City Council Per Cent for Art Scheme 1986-2003, Ruairí Ó Cuív, Gandon Editions for Cork City Council, 2006.

Placing Art: The Pilot Public Art Programme, Sligo County Council, available on the Sligo County Council website:

Placing Art, A colloquium on Public Art in Rural, Coastal and Small Urban Environments, 2002, the keynote papers available on the Sligo County Council website:

Public Art: Per Cent for Art Scheme, General National Guidelines, Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism, Dublin, 2004, available on the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht website:

Public Art Research Project – Steering Group Report to Government, Dublin 1996, available on the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht website:

10 Years of Public Art in Sligo, 1997-2007, Available on the Sligo County Council website:


European website providing examples of Public Art initiatives on a subscription basis.

Breaking Ground
Per Cent for Art programme for Ballymun Regeneration Limited, Dublin, 2002 – 2010.

Sheffield Hallam University
Public Art Research Archive


Academy of Urbanism
A cross-sector interdisciplinary group promoting good quality urbanism throughout Great Britain and Ireland through discourse, research, education and awards.

Americans for the Arts Public Art Network (PAN)
A professional network in the US dedicated to the field of Public Art.

A London-based organisation which commissions and produces projects by contemporary artists in a range of sites and situations.

Irish development agency for collaborative arts.

Department of Environment, Community and Local Government.
Many Local Authorities have Public Art programmes and designated staff members. For a listing of Local Authorities see the website of the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government.

Public Art think tank which works with artists and policy makers in the public and private sectors to create opportunities for artists working in the public realm.

Irish Architecture Foundation
Resource organisation for architecture in Ireland.

Leitrim Sculpture Centre

National Sculpture Factory, Cork

Public Art Development Trust
A London-based organisation that commissioned and produced public projects by contemporary artists. Closed in 2004, the archive of the Trust was acquired by the Henry Moore Institute in 2005.

Public Art Fund
Presents artists’ projects, new commission, and exhibitions in public spaces throughout New York City. Supports artists to produce innovative exhibitions of Contemporary Art outside the traditional context of museums and galleries.

Online Public Art resource, with an emphasis on Public Art in Ireland, offering practical information and critical texts, including a directory of over 100 public artworks, news and opportunities and video interviews with artists and commissioners.

The website of Public Art South West, UK, offering information, advice, case material, training and examples of policy and strategy documents relating to Public Art.

Public Monuments and Sculpture Association (PMSA)
A database of public sculpture and monuments in Britain.

Archive of a transnational research project between 2002 – 2005 by the EIPCP (European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies) which promoted the investigation and development of interventionist and activist practices in Public Art.

Sculpture Network
A European non-profit organisation for the support and advancement of contemporary, threedimensional art.

A commissioning and research programme based at the University of the West of England in Bristol.

Dutch organisation which develops and realises art projects in public spaces.

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