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Vivienne Dick, 93% STARDUST

16 June - 15 October 2017 
Main Galleries, West Wing 

Vivienne Dick, Augenblick, 2017, Production still, HDV, 14 mins. © Vivienne Dick. 

Irish artist Vivienne Dick is an internationally-celebrated film-maker and artist. Dick was a key figure within ‘No Wave’, a short-lived avant-garde scene in the late 1970s in New York led by a collective of musicians, filmmakers and artists including Nan Goldin, Lydia Lunch, Arto Lindsay, James Chance and many others. Dick has gone on to develop an extraordinary body of work which has been shown in cinemas, film festivals and art galleries around the world. Dick’s work is marked by an interest in urban street life, social and sexual politics, and the history of ideas.

93% STARDUST is a survey exhibition of Vivienne Dick’s work comprising selected films from the ‘No Wave’ period including Guérillère Talks (1978), Beauty Becomes The Beast (1979) and Liberty’s Booty (1980). Recent film works include The Irreducible Difference of the Other (2013) and Red Moon Rising (2015). Dick also premieres her new film work Augenblick made while on IMMA’s Residency Programme in 2017.

Nan Goldin and Vivienne Dick shared a period in New York where both artists began to make work which documented a short-lived, highly creative moment in downtown New York. Many of the subjects of Nan Goldin’s photographs appear in Dick’s films, and they clearly were an influence on one another. At IMMA, 93% STARDUST is presented alongside the solo exhibition Weekend Plans by Nan Goldin. Rachael Thomas, the curator of these two exhibitions at IMMA, states, “These are historic exhibitions that bring together two pioneering artists that have shaped photography and film in a raw and real sense. By showing Nan Goldin and Vivienne Dick alongside each other, not only are we acknowledging their friendship but we are celebrating artists that have defined our understanding of life.” 

The exhibition presents early Super 8 works from late 1970s New York in a brightly coloured pop inspired lounge environment, while her more recent and new works are shown in a more classic darkened cinema space. Also included in the exhibition is a space to relax in-between viewings with reading material which inspired her new film, film stills, an antique sofa - a prop from her new film, and a short film starring her cat Ginnie shown on a portable DVD player.

For Dick, the title of the exhibition 93% STARDUST, suggests that we are moving into a new age, following the age of Enlightenment, where man is no longer the centre of the universe.

Visitors are advised that this exhibition contains adult themes and explicit imagery that may not be suitable for all audiences. Please talk to a member of our Visitor Engagement team for more information.

About the artist

Vivienne Dick was born in Donegal (b. 1950) and began making Super 8 films while living in New York in the late seventies. These early films were shown extensively in that period throughout the USA and in Europe and they continue to be screened on a regular basis. Living in London in the eighties and nineties she worked mainly in 16mm and in video, receiving a number of awards from The British Arts Council and The Arts Council of Ireland. Since returning to live in Ireland she continues to make new work.

Retrospectives of her work include Seville European Film Festival (2016,) Tate Modern (2010), Crawford Art Gallery (2009), and Berlin Film Festival (1988). Group shows include Big as Life, MoMA, New York, The Whitney Biennial, Golden Thread Gallery and The Untold Want, RHA. Her work has shown at Oberhausen, Courtisane, BFI London, Lisbon Estoril, CPH:DOX Copenhagen and New York Film Festivals, amongst others. A DVD of three of her films was published by LUX and a collection was published by Crawford Art Gallery in collaboration with LUX in 2009. Dick has work is in the collections of MoMA, New York, Anthology Archives and the Irish Film Archives, and her films are distributed by LUX London and The Film Maker’s Cooperative, New York. 

Associated Events

Curators Lunchtime Talk Series: Drop In / Wednesday 12 July, 1.15 2pm
Meeting Point - IMMA Main Reception
Join Karen Sweeney, Exhibitions, IMMA, for an insightful gallery talk exploring key themes and works presented in the exhibition Vivienne Dick, 93% STARDUST.

Screening & Talk / Irish Artist & Experimental Film – Alice Butler
Saturday 16 September 2017
In conjunction with 93% STARDUST Alice Butler, film programmer and co-curator of AEMI, presents a talk and screening of artist and experimental moving image works by contemporary Irish artists who are foregrounding new ways to work independently, redefining the limits and potentials of cinema across a range of formats. Butler’s talk will refer to and explore the history and development of artist moving image practice in Ireland. .

Lecture / Claire Pajaczkowska - New York No Wave
Wednesday 20 September 2017, 6.30pm / Lecture Room    
Drawing on the work, friendships and creative circles that inspired artists Nan Goldin, Vivienne Dick and their contemporary pioneers of No Wave, movement born out of downtown New York - Dr Claire Pajaczkowska  examines the cultural contexts and feminist politics of New York’s underground scene of 1970s to mid-80’s that became the melting pot for a subculture of avant-garde artists, musician and film-makers to cross pollinate and establish a defining period in the history of film, art, and music.

Artist Conversation / Vivienne Dick & Selina Robertson
Wednesday 27 September 2017, 6.30pm / Lecture Room
Vivienne Dick discusses a selection of works presented at IMMA, exploring the locations, themes and characters that span Dick’s compelling film making practice of the last four decades. This talk gives a deeper understandings of artist’s unique approach to film that continues to evade distinctions of documentary, fiction, video art and music in dealing with social and sexual politics. This talk will take the form of a moderated discussion. Listen back to this talk.
IFI, IMMA & AEMI PROJECTIONS / Film Series selected by Vivienne Dick
DELIRIOUS RHYTHM, 1936-2017, Introduced by Vivienne Dick
Tuesday 10 October 2017, 6.30pm / IFI Cinema 
Film Information: Programme runs for 67 minutes, Digital, 1936-2017
In connection with her exhibition 93% STARDUST, Vivienne Dick presents a personal selection of films that inspire her work. The films chosen for this programme are about anarchic moments, about being alive to music, to rhythm, and the value of staring into space. In an era obsessed with targets and prescriptive living, the importance of daydreaming and dawdling is often overlooked. This programme serves as a reminder of the important role played by chance interaction and sheer nerve in creativity. Featuring works by Len Lye, Helen Levitt, Masha Godovannaya, Vivienne Dick, D.A. Pennebaker, Moira Tierney, Bev Zalcock & Sara Chambers, Sarah Pucill and Chantal Akerman, this exhilarating programme foregrounds films that relate to the street, the domestic and the unconscious. Further details

Exhibition Resources

Read the Exhibition Guide.

Watch Vivienne Dick discuss her exhibition on YouTube, includes an introduction by Rachael Thomas, Head of Exhibitions, IMMA.
Listen to a review on Arena, RTE Radio 1.
Read an interview with Nan Goldin an Vivienne Dick in the Irish Times.
Watch Vivienne Dick talk about her work in the IMMA Programme launch film. 

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