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OPEN CALL | IMMA 1000 Residencies 2018

Dragana Jurisic, Studio 3B, IMMA 1000 2017 Residency Recipient. Photograph by Louis Haugh.

IMMA 1000 Residency 2018 Open Call for Irish Artists
IMMA is delighted to announce the 2018 Open Call for IMMA 1000 residencies is now accepting applications for three new 6-month residencies for 2019 IMMA programming. These opportunities are supported through 'IMMA 1000', a fund specifically created to support IMMA’s work with Irish artists.

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Application deadline closes on Wednesday 01 August 2018 at 14:00hrs GMT/Irish time

Further Information

IMMA is seeking proposals from visual arts practitioners’ resident in Ireland for a minimum of two years or Irish artists living abroad. The IMMA 1000 Residencies support process and research based practices. IMMA invites interested candidates to demonstrate through application how a residency at the museum would expand, complement or challenge artistic development in a timely or transformative way.

Through this opportunity IMMA supports research and production to encourage dialogues with various publics, museum programming and the wider cultural activities in Ireland. IMMA welcomes proposals which engage the national / international contexts of the museum, opening new perspectives to diversify the role of IMMA and assist access to creative and critical processes for public and peers alike.

The IMMA 1000 Residencies offer the following support to the selected artists:
• Use of a large studio at IMMA for a duration of six months.
• Separate accommodation at IMMA is available for the duration of six months.
• A bursary award of €6,000.
• Travel expenses are not covered by this award.

As a programming condition IMMA 1000 Residents are expected to:
• Facilitate an introductory information session with museum staff.
• Avail of opportunities to engage in activities related to IMMA programming.
• Deliver occasional overviews of work in progress for IMMA and its audiences through selected public platforms such as digital, talks & events, open studios etc.
• A significant occupancy of IMMA’s residential resources is expected for the duration of the opportunity.

• IMMA welcomes applications from artists resident in Ireland for a minimum of two years (post-undergraduate) or Irish artists living abroad.
• Applications are assessed against the following criteria 1) the artistic quality, 2) the potential contained within the applicants practice, 3) how this may be a transformative, important or an activated opportunity through the support of a residency at IMMA and 4) the timeliness of this opportunity in the artists career.
• Applications from individuals and collectives (max. 4 people) will be considered, collectives should nominate one person from the group to submit an application upon their behalf.
• Selection as part of a group does not equate to individual selection.
• Individuals currently in undergraduate or postgraduate education or who will be for the timing of this award are not eligible.
• You must be a professional practicing artist with an active track record in exhibition making and/or art engagement within recent years.

• Open Call commences on Wednesday 20 June 2018 at 14:00hrs GMT/Irish time.
• Application deadline closes on Wednesday 01 August 2018 at 14:00hrs GMT/Irish time.
• Selection is complete by late October 2018.
• Programming period, 6 months within the timeframe of November 2018 – January 2020.

• The successful applicant should be fluent in English.
• It is a condition for the award that the successful applicant must carry all necessary insurances. Evidence will be required of these insurances before the commencement of the residency. For advice on insurance visit Visual Artists Ireland
• IMMA requests that support is credited in works, publications and projects emerging during and resulting from the residency, whether this is done through credit in text format or logo.
• To be responsible for all matters concerning visas and valid travel documents, IMMA can provide supporting letters to assist with applications.
• Engage in clear communication around proposed residency dates and travel schedules.
• Advance notice and open dialogues required about specific requirements or requests.
• Facilitate IMMA with documentation requests, interviews and members events where necessary / appropriate.

Further Information
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Note: Should you be eligible and interested in applying for the IMMA 1000 RESIDENCIES - 2018 OPEN CALL and the IMMA INTERNATIONAL RESIDENCIES - 2018 OPEN CALL, which opens on the 03 July 2018, two separate application processes and fees are required.

IMMA has been supported in this initiative by Goodbody, our exclusive corporate founding partner.
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