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The Tail that Wags the Dog: Outsider Art in the Expressionist Tradition


Hamilton, Untitled,

Musgrave Kinley Collection of Outsider Art
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An exhibition of works from the Musgrave Kinley Collection of Outsider Art has been curated to coincide with the COBRA exhibition in IMMAís New Galleries. Artists in the COBRA movement were inspired and liberated by non-mainstream art, especially by the art of psychiatric patients and also by folk and primitive/naÔve art. Pedersenís belief that everybody has the potential to be an artist is borne out by the work of such self-taught and self-motivated artists as Sava Sekulic, Aloise, Hauser, Damien Le Bas, Pearl Alcock and Judith Scott. The Musgrave Kinley Collection of Outsider Art, currently on long-term loan to IMMA, was founded by Monika Kinley and Victor Musgrave. Since Victor Musgraveís untimely death in 1983, Kinley has continued to promote and work to develop audiences and support for self-taught and marginalised artists.

The exhibition is curated by Monika Kinley, Founding Curator and Trustee of the Musgrave Kinley Collection of Outsider Art.

An exhibition guide accompanies the exhibition.

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