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Performance Art Resources


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The Act: A Journal of Performance Art

Inter, Art Actuel, Periodical of Le Lieu, Centre for Live Art, Quebec, Canada.

International Journal of Performance Art and Digital Media, Intellect Books,id=120/

PAJ: A Journal for Performance and Art, MIT Press

Performance Kunst: A Resource for Nordic Live Art

P-Form: A Journal of Interdisciplinary and Performance Art
No website available


Bbeyond, Belfast

Collecting Live Art

Contemporary Performance Network

Fado Performance Art Centre, Toronto, Canada

Gallery SoToDo

Grace Exhibition Space, New York

Home Live Art


Live Art Development Agency

Live Art UK

Le Lieu, Centre for Live Art, Quebec, Canada

Performance Matters

PSi, Performance Studies International

Biennales / Art Fairs / Festivals

Alkantara Festival, Lisbon, Portugal

Bone: Festival of Live Art, Bern, Switzerland

EPAF, European Performance Art Festival, Warsaw, Poland

Live Action, Annual International Performance Art Festival, Göteborg, Sweden

LIVE, International Performance Art Biennale, Vancouver, Canada

MPA-Berlin, Month of Performance Art, Berlin

New Moves International

New Territories: International Festival of Live Art, Scotland
see New Moves International


RIAP: Rencontre International D’Art Performance, Quebec, Canada

Spill, Festival of Performance, London, UK

Tulca, Contemporary Visual Art, Galway, Ireland

TUPP Performing Arts Festival, Uppsala, Sweden

Uovo Festival, Milan, Italy

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