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New Media Art Resources


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New Media Art and Technology.

Ars Electronica
Platform for digital art and media culture.

New Media Art in Argentina

BBC Video Nation

British Artists’ Film & Video
Study Collection Research project based in Central St. Martin’s College of Art and Design, providing a range of resource material relating to artists’ film and video in Britain.

Database of experimental Film and Video Art.

Interactive digital art resource for education.

Database of Virtual Art Documents the field of digital installation art.
Depict International short-film competition to make films under 90 seconds.

Digital Art Source
Resource site for digital art and culture information.

Electronic Arts Intermix Resource for Video Art.

Digital arts organisation promoting the creative and cultural potential of digital technologies.

A web resource for exploring British-based artists’ film and video.

ICA Digital Art
Showcases digital art projects curated by London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts.


Art & Science
Collaborations (ASCI) Promotes awareness of collaborations between artists and scientists.

Beall Centre for Art and Technology
Supports innovation across arts, science and engineering.

Belfast Exposed
Gallery for contemporary photography.

Swiss-based organisation which adopts an interdisciplinary approach towards art, new technologies and society.

Digital Arts Developmental Agency
Supports artwork exploring digital processes.

The Digital Hub
Dublin-based initiative to create an international centre of excellence for knowledge, innovation and creativity focused on digital content and technology enterprises.

Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI)
Arts organisation supporting Video and Media Art.

Organisation promoting and advocating computerbased art in Sweden and the other Nordic countries.

Centre for the promotion of new technologies and media arts.

Foundation for Art and Creative Technology promotes artists’ work and innovation in the fields of film, video, and new media.

Digital Arts organisation promoting the exploration of art through technology.

Provides platforms for experimental practices relating to art, technology and social change.

Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts promotes interdisciplinary academic discourse and exchange among artists and organisations working with art, science and emerging technologies.

A space for Contemporary Art focusing on electronic media.

Based in the New Museum in NY, Rhizome promotes emerging artistic practices that engage technology.

Interdisciplinary centre for art and media technology based in Rotterdam.

Artist-run space in NY supporting emerging media artists.

Interdisciplinary artist collective focusing on the development of Video and New Media Art in Hong Kong.

WRO Centre for Media Art
Independent organisation in Poland specialising in Contemporary Art, media and technology.

Year Zero One
Media Arts Collective exploring new and hybrid artistic practices emerging from new technologies.

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