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Ciaran Murphy

Process Room, 25.09.07- 14.10.07

 Ciaran Murphy, Carcass (large), 122 x 130 cm, oil on MDF, 2007 Ciaran Murphy, 6 Sticks, 70 x 70 cm, oil on linen, 2007

In his most recent body of work Ciaran Murphy has taken the form of small scaled paintings on stretched paper and canvas using both acrylic and oil paints.  The habitual collecting of imagery forms an important part of Murphy’s practice.  Images spanning vastly different eras taken from art history, natural history, scientific enquiries, nature documentary stills and other more arbitrary sources serve as a starting point for his paintings.  Murphy’s practice is predominantly an enquiry into what it means to perceive the world through the human eye.  As our eyes navigate the world they seek out patterns and relationships between things in an effort to place some order on what is perceived.  The finished paintings by Murphy depict objects treated in isolation, tiny snippets of time and ambiguous contexts or sites that seem to hold out the vague anticipation of an event.  As well as the individual paintings the grouping of the work becomes important; meaning and interpretation in individual work becomes both reliant and unhinged within the context of the larger group.  Further work by Ciaran Murphy can be viewed at  

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