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Fernanda Chieco: Professionals

Process Room, 24.04.07- 06.05.07

 ANGELVS DOMINI, Spreading jam on the seal, Pencil drawing on paper, 84x60, 2007  ANGELVS DOMINI, Catching fleas from the deer, Pencil drawing on paper, 84x60cm, 2007

“She allows the people in her images to know themselves (to a degree) but not necessarily one another.  Obedient to whatever task she chose for them they also obey to stop instantly.  Alive and not moving, not breathing even, they still posses energy of inner life.” Extract from a mini essay for Fernanda Chieco by Slavka Sverakova, White Cottage, 2007

Professionals is an ongoing series of drawings that depict people engaged in a given activity as a source of livelihood.  A professional is a worker required to possess a large body of knowledge derived from extensive experience and study.  He / She can be a person engaged in a specified activity as ones main occupation and sometimes it is also used to indicate a special level of quality of goods or tools.

The people presented in this series are all representatives of theirs professions, each creating a self sustained system of production.  There are three professionals so far in this series and each performs a specific function: The Maggoter, The Beller and The Mallower.

Fernanda Chieco’s work sits somewhere between a medical textbook, a folio of classical drawings and the physical laboratory of a lunatic inventor.  Chieco investigates how the complexity of instruments and machines can overcome the simplicity of human representations.  In her drawings and installations human beings become systems, establishing connections with each other through subjects such as animals, food, everyday objects and instruments.  Chieco’s interest in medical instruments, technology and objects explores the contradictions of their primal functions, to be used as devices that simplify and improve people’s relationships with their outer environments.  Fernanda Chieco is a graduate of Goldsmiths College, London.

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