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Maria and Natalia Pechatnikov

Process Room, 30.11.04- 12.12.04

Maria & Natalia Pechatnikov, Process Room, IMMA, 2004  Maria & Natalia Pechatnikov, Process Room, IMMA, 2004

We are identical twins. We work collaboratively and see our projects as visual dialogues between us. Through conversations and sometimes arguments we explore and build on shared experiences. Our work is influenced by place, our location when we make it. We are inventing processes and play with materials in order to stretch/change their meaning and offer another take on them. Humour and irony are important for us. In many of our projects we tease the viewer. We are interested in creating spaces and images that question the notions of reality and “truth”.
Nature, both real and artificial, plays an important role in our work. We believe that new places offer a great source of visual inspiration and would like to develop our ideas further.

The exhibition in the Process Room, made of foam and thread, is our response to the formal gardens here at IMMA; an ironic combination of everyday objects that make up the composition. The TV set and chairs made of tape are inspired by our living room we are currently staying in while on residency.

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