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Heather Deedman

The Process Room, 16.11.04- 28.11.04

Heather Deedman, The Process Room, IMMA, photo by Maria and Natalia Pechatnikov, 2004

The two main areas of practice in the work of Heather Deedman are sculpture and drawing, these co-exist and one continually informs the other. The drawing is never a representation of, or plans for, specific sculpture but is a vechicle for investigating form. A common thread in the work of Heather Deedman is an interest in decoration and how it's language can be a code for cultural values and differences.

"The notebook shown here reproduces some drawings of decorative forms that I have made in the cities' museums and collections during the weeks I have been in Dublin.

Thes Irish lace and crochet patterns contain cultural clues, indicators of time and place. Their use of specific plant and floral forms in the patterns reflect the diversity of regional variations through an individual craft.

During this two-week period I will be exactly reproducing a drawing of a piece of Clones crochet on a large scale. To follow the pattern is a slow and meticulous process, and is in someway, intended to mimic the time and attention given to the production of the original."

For a printable version of this information please download the following document  Heather Deedman, Process Room doc.

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