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01 Apr 2008
30 Sep 2008
Anita Di Bianco (USA)
Anita Di Bianco’s films take up, modify and re-work existing and re-imagined characters from cinema and literature – excerpting and adapting the texts of Gertrude Stein, of Jean Gênet’s play The Maids, and several of the works of Marguerite Yourcenar.

01 Apr 2008
30 Sep 2008
Niamh O´Malley (Ireland)
Niamh O’Malley is interested in the fabricated nature of the viewing experience. Her artistic practice, which often takes the form of video projections onto painted canvases, is concerned with the distance from source to spectacle, the deliberate manufacture of illusion, and ultimately, loss.

01 Mar 2008
31 May 2008
Danny Treacy (UK)
Danny Treacy is a photographer whose practice evolves around a number of different projects all of which involve darkness, ambiguity, intimacy and defiance as endless sources of investigation.

01 Dec 2007
29 Feb 2008
Mariana Silva da Silva (Brazil)
Frequently, while creating her work, Mariana Silva da Silva challenges the definition of 'coastline', a zone of contact between earth and sea.

01 Nov 2007
29 Feb 2008
Phuttiphong Aroonpheng (Thailand)
Thai artist Phuttiphong Aroonpheng’s art practice is encounter driven. He is inspired by many documentary films that create a form of subjective storytelling.

01 Nov 2007
18 May 2008
Alan Phelan (Ireland)
Alan Phelan's practice involves the production of objects, participatory projects, curating and writing. These all inform and contribute to an interest in the narrative potential surrounding an artwork.

01 Oct 2007
01 Jan 2008
Yuki Okumura (Japan)
Through his work Yuki Okumura aims to illuminate and even reconcile the gap between the physical world itself and the work perceived by the human brain.

01 Oct 2007
31 Mar 2008
Seamus Nolan (Ireland)
Seamus Nolan’s practice investigates the relative value of objects and social processes as they appear within different economies and contexts.

01 Sep 2007
29 Feb 2008
Mark Clare (Ireland)
Mark Clare consistently explores issues of social value in his work. Using video and photography to record a myriad of public interventions, Clare seeks to provoke and agitate our social conscience.

02 Jul 2007
31 Aug 2007
Jered Sprecher (USA)
Jered Sprecher’s studio practice is based in the diversity of visual culture. He is a hunter and a gatherer, constantly accumulating images produced by the people and cultures around him.

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