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Listen here to previous Talks and Lectures by artists, historians, curators and others, who discuss a range of themes and artworks in connection to the Exhibitions and Collection programme at IMMA. Selected recordings are part of the IMMA Audio Archive in operation from 1991 to present.

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Booking is essential for all Talks and Lectures at IMMA. Tickets are free and open to the public unless otherwise specified. Find below details and booking information for the current Talks and Lectures programme at IMMA.

Talks, Lectures & Events 2014

04 Nov 2014 Photographer’s Talk + Discussion | Amelia Stein
Through the genus of portrait photography, Amelia Stein (photographer, Aosdana) explores the intrinsic qualities of fine black and white photography and print, in which to evoke universal themes of loss, memory and meaning in some of her most celebrated photographic projects. To follow this talk Trish Lambe (Gallery of Photography, Dublin) will steer an open discussion with Amelia Stein.

31 Oct 2014 Critical Response | Justin Carville
In response to the exhibition Second Sight : David Kronn Collection, Justin Carville (Lecturer, IADT) reflects on the history and legacy of Magnum photography within the practice of a current generation of contemporary photographers.

17 Oct 2014 GOETHE INSTITUTE + IMMA - Discussion | Lunch Bytes
This session explores the topic Society, Public Space and Architecture in which to address how digital technologies have altered the way buildings can be conceived, conceptualized and modeled.

07 Oct 2014 Authors Talk | Sarah Thornton
Sarah Thornton compares and contrasts answers to the simple but profound question; what is an artist? Sarah Thornton is author of 33 Artists in 3 Acts, and writes on contemporary the Economist, the Guardian, The Art Newspaper and the New Yorker.

04 Oct 2014 Artist Response | Brian Hand
Brian Hand focuses on Everybody Must Get Stones by Noel Sheridan in which to reflect on Sheridans broader legacy as artist and educator within the development of the collaborative and participatory arts in Ireland.

01 Oct 2014 IMMA + NUIM - Lecture | Edward Soja
Edward Soja (Professor, UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, USA) discusses Henri Lefebvres pioneering concept of the right to the city, and the production of social spaces, as a framework to address how issues of class, race, gender, and sexuality intersect with the spatiality of social life, in generating new cultural politics of difference and identity.

26 Sep 2014
26 Jul 2014
Second Level Talk | Des Ward
Des Kelly (artist and Lecturer, IADT) presents Common Places; the place of research in visual thinking, notebooks, models, and gatherings, for a talk that explores the artwork’s experimental world, through notebooks, models, trials and events.

24 Sep 2014 Discussion | Caroline McCarthy + Marguerite O Molloy
Marguerite O Molloy (Assistant Curator) and Caroline McCarthy (artist) discuss their co-curation of McCarthys Group Coordination (Red), 2011, and its responding reconfiguration for the gallery and architecture of IMMA

20 Sep 2014 Seminar | Art in the Contemporary Universe
This seminar will explore a number of themes prompted by the exhibition The Weakened Eye of Day by Isabel Nolan (IMMA June-September, 2014). The themes under discussion will address vast ideas, involving huge, probably unanswerable questions, such as what Italo Calvino has called overambitious projects in contemporary culture, grand narratives in science and the cosmological turn of recent philosophy. Chaired by Paul J. Ennis (Lecturer MA Art in the Contemporary World, NCAD), Dublin. Speakers include; Dr. Fabio Gironi, Dr. David Roden, Isabel Nolan, Francis Halsall and Declan Long.

17 Sep 2014 Gallery Talk | IMMA Collections - Conversations
Christina Kennedy (Head of Collections, IMMA) explores some of the ideas and visual conversations and will also focus on pioneering gallerist David Hendriks.

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