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06 Jun 2007
09 Sep 2007
William Hogarth Prints from the Madden Arnholz Collection
This collection of prints, dating from 1500 to the late 19th-century, includes works by such masters as Brueghel, Dürer, Goya, and Rembrandt and is particularly strong in work by William Hogarth.

25 Apr 2007
02 Mar 2008
(I’m Always Touched) By Your Presence, Dear - New Acquisitions
This exhibition of works acquired by the Irish Museum of Modern Art since 2003 features 37 pieces concentrating mainly, but not exclusively, on new media.

04 Apr 2007
01 Jul 2007
Alexander Calder and Joan Miró
This exhibition, in IMMA’s courtyard, presents a selection of sculptural works by the renowned Spanish painter and sculptor Joan Miró and the distinguished American sculptor Alexander Calder.

28 Mar 2007
07 May 2007
Shahzia Sikander
This is the first solo museum exhibition in Europe of the work of Shahzia Sikander. Comprising some 25 works the exhibition provides a brief overview of her career and focuses on her most recent practice.

07 Mar 2007
13 May 2007
Georgia O’Keeffe: Nature and Abstraction
Nature and Abstraction is a survey of the extraordinary career of the legendary American artist Georgia O’Keeffe.

28 Feb 2007
20 May 2007
Alex Katz: New York
This large-scale exhibition of the work of Alex Katz, one of the most influential American artists of the past 50 years, comprises some 40 paintings and aquatints.

28 Feb 2007
04 Jun 2007
Thomas Demand: L’Esprit d’Escalier
This exhibition presents an overview of the work of one of Germany's most innovative contemporary artist Thomas Demand.

18 Feb 2007 Garrett Phelan: Trusted Servant on YouTube as part of the exhibition .all hawaii eNtrées / luNar reGGae
As part of the group exhibition, .all hawaii eNtrées / luNar reGGae, Irish artist Garrett Phelan has been invited by the curators to officially close the exhibition with his project Trusted Servant.

30 Nov 2006
25 Feb 2007
.all hawaii eNtrées / luNar reGGae
This exhibition comprises works in a wide variety of media by such cutting-edge artists as Doug Aitken, Douglas Gordon, Liam Gillick, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Carsten Höller and Sarah Lucas.

09 Nov 2006
10 Dec 2006
Iran do Espírito Santo
One of Brazil’s most interesting contemporary artists, Iran do Espírito Santo is best known for his sensually minimal works.

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