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04 Jul 2002
26 Jan 2003
The Táin Tapestries by Louis le Brocquy
The Museum celebrates the recent acquisition of a complete set of Louis le Brocquy’s 'Táin' Tapestries by exhibiting all 20 tapestries as a continuation of the 'Work in Focus' strand of programming.

21 Jun 2002
28 Oct 2002
Beautiful Productions: Parkett Editions since 1984
This exhibition of artists’ editions covers a wide range of world famous artists.

13 Jun 2002
15 Sep 2002
Richard Hamilton: Imaging Ulysses
This exhibition of work by the British artist Richard Hamilton focuses on his preoccupation for over 50 years with James Joyce’s novel 'Ulysses'.

09 May 2002
01 Sep 2002
No Object, No Subject, No Matter…
This display of works from the Collection explores the many languages of 20th- century abstraction.

27 Mar 2002
14 Jul 2002
Ann Hamilton at hand
This exhibition is the first showing in Ireland by the internationally-acclaimed American artist, Ann Hamilton.

27 Feb 2002
26 May 2002
How things turn out
This exhibition is a continuation of the Museum’s contemporary projects strand of programming.

13 Feb 2002
03 Jun 2002
The Rowan Collection: Contemporary British and Irish Art
This is the first public exhibition from the private collection of Dr Ian Rowan, a challenging and dynamic collection of contemporary British and Irish art.

22 Jan 2002
23 Jun 2002
Profile of a Collection: The Gordon Lambert Trust Collection at IMMA
This exhibition of some 55 works by leading Irish and international artists, drawn from the Gordon Lambert Trust Collection, is only the second exhibition drawn exclusively from his Collection since his donation of the works to the Museum in 1992.

19 Oct 2001
25 Mar 2001
This show concentrates on work by artists from outside Ireland or artists who are better known on the international circuit than in their native country.

19 Oct 2001
21 Oct 2001
Marking The Territory : A Performance Event Curated by Marina Abramovic
This three-day international event brings to Ireland some of the leading exponents of cutting edge performance art practice.

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