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03 Apr 2003
22 Jun 2003
Gary Hume
The first exhibition in Ireland by Gary Hume, one of the most sought-after and inventive painters working in Britain today, comprises some 30 works and presents a comprehensive overview of the main developments in his engaging but powerful oeuvre over the past ten years.

03 Apr 2003
02 Jun 2003
Rose Finn-Kelcey: Bureau de Change
In 'Bureau de Change' British artist Rose Finn-Kelcey uses 12,400 coins to create and image of Van Gogh’s 'Sunflowers', which famously exceeded all previous records, when sold in 1987 for £24.5 million.

12 Mar 2003
27 Oct 2003
Recent Acquisitions to the IMMA Collection
This exhibition of recent acquisitions to the IMMA Collection is selected from artworks which have been acquired by direct purchase and donation and through long-term loans.

27 Feb 2003
20 Jul 2003
Lorna Simpson: Photoworks and Films 1986 - 2002
This is the first solo exhibition in Ireland of the African-American artist Lorna Simpson, who is considered to be one of the principal contemporary representatives of black American visual culture.

12 Feb 2003
08 Jun 2003
John the Painter
This exhibition presents 23 paintings and drawings by this little-known Cork artist who has spent most of his adult life in care.

12 Nov 2002
17 Mar 2003
This exhibition is the result of two residencies by the artist Terry O’Farrell - one a long-term project with older people, the other a short-term residency with young children.

31 Oct 2002
09 Mar 2003
Willie Doherty: False Memory
'False Memory' is the first substantial showing of Willie Doherty’s work in Ireland and one of the largest exhibitions of his work anywhere to date.

27 Sep 2002
02 Feb 2003
Karen Kilimnik: Fairy Battle
This is the first solo exhibition in Ireland by the American artist Karen Kilimnik.

18 Sep 2002
23 Feb 2003
The Unblinking Eye
This exhibition of works from the Collection explores other aspects of lens-based art to those presented in the Thomas Ruff and Willie Doherty shows.

02 Aug 2002
06 Oct 2002
Thomas Ruff: Photographs 1979 to the Present
This exhibition is a mid-career retrospective of the work of the German photographer Thomas Ruff, one of the most acclaimed and groundbreaking photographers working today.

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