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08 Mar 2001
07 May 2001
Vantage Point
This exhibtion is part of an ongoing strand in the exhibition programme, which introduces to Ireland for the first time the work of younger non-Irish artists who are achieving international recognition.

28 Feb 2001
22 Apr 2001
Dennis Oppenheim: Land and Body
This exhibition of 16 works focuses on Oppenheim's Land and Body Art from the 1960s and '70s.

01 Feb 2001
14 Feb 2001
Not I : Written by Samuel Beckett and Directed by Neil Jordan
This new installation based on Samuel Beckett's play for television, 'Not I', is directed by Neil Jordan and stars the American actress Julianne Moore.

24 Jan 2001
24 Jun 2001
Colin Middleton: Paintings and Drawings from the McClelland Collection
This selection of some 60 works by the well-known Northern Irish painter Colin Middleton (1910-83) focuses on his astonishing output of Surrealist paintings and drawings from the late 1930s and early 1940s.

10 Nov 2000
18 Feb 2001
Shifting Ground: Selected Works of Irish Art 1950 - 2000
Shifting Ground examines aspects of Irish art of the last 50 years through the eyes of five critics and commentators on the visual arts, who have had a variety of involvements in the Irish art context in each of the past five decades.

26 Oct 2000
18 Feb 2001
Shamiana: Mughal Textiles
This exhibition organised by the Museum's Education and Community Department, comprises some 20 textile panels inspired largely by the magnificent collection of Mughal paintings held by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

28 Sep 2000
02 Dec 2000
The Nissan Art Project for the Millennium
The Nissan Art Project for the Millennium - Bamboo Support by British artist Dan Shipsides - will be open to the public on 28 September 2000.

20 Sep 2000
14 Jan 2001
Selected works from the McClelland Collection
The 60 works in this exhibition form part of a collection of over 400 artworks generously given on long-term loan to the Museum by George and Maura McClelland, former gallery owners and promoters of Irish artists such as Colin Middleton, Tony O'Malley and Dan O'Neil.

21 Jul 2000
27 Aug 2000
Echoes, a new exhibition from the Museum's Madden-Arnholtz Collection of Old Master prints, offers an opportunity to reflect on perennial human and artistic concerns and explores many of the themes also seen in the Joule Archive works.

05 Jul 2000
19 Oct 2000
Leon Golub: Paintings 1950 - 2000
Curated by writer, critic and lecturer Jon Bird, this exhibition spans 50 years of the artist's work and is the largest presentation of Golub's work in Europe to date.

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