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01 May 2006
31 Jul 2006
Louise Bertelsen (Denmark) & Po Shu Wang (USA)
Lousie Bertelsen and Po Shu Wang’s common interest in site-specific work led them to collaborate and found LIVING LENSES in 1999.

01 Apr 2006
30 Sep 2006
Vanessa O’Reilly (Ireland)
Much of Vanessa O’Reilly’s work relies on a complex set of locating circumstances organised around systems inherent in a scenario.

01 Apr 2006
30 Jun 2006
Tom Hunter (UK)
Tom Hunter is a photographer based in London whose work deals with representation of minority groups.

01 Mar 2006
30 Jun 2006
Joanna Karolini (Denmark/Poland)
Joanna Karolini’s work is dependant on the character and ambience of the spaces in which she works or the found materials she uses.

01 Mar 2006
30 Jun 2006
Alexandra do Carmo (Portugal)
Alexandra do Carmo’s practice is focused on the studio as a conceptual field of study.

01 Feb 2006
31 Jul 2006
Frantiska Gilman (Czech Republic) & Tim Gilman (USA)
Much of Frantiska and Tim Gilman’s artwork is inspired by the phenomenon of loss and retention, how we live with it and what it means to the life of the mind.

11 Oct 2005
31 Mar 2006
Orla Barry (Ireland)
Orla Barry’s work cannot be classified under any single medium or approach. She sees art as a way of re-shaping and distorting reality

10 Oct 2005
31 Mar 2006
Clodagh Emoe (Ireland)
Similar to the obsessive activities of the cartographer Clodagh Emoe's art practice examines the intricacies and instances that occur in the universe that often go unnoticed.

10 Oct 2005
18 Jan 2006
Lorena Carbajal (Argentina)
Based in the UK Lorena Carbajal is interested in investigating the notion of displacement, to examine the effects of bringing two cultures sometimes uncomfortably close together.

01 Aug 2005
31 Jan 2006
Anna Barham (UK)
Wrapping and unravelling, Anna Barham is drawn to using local/vernacular materials, not specialist or ‘separate’ materials but things that are common to our everyday experience

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