IMMA Rule of Thumb series:
Talks about art and artists in context

This talks series was initiated to coincide with the establishment of the Artists' Panel in 2003 and was intended to provide a critical forum to consider and reflect on some of the issues arising from artists working collaboratively or in contexts such as museums and galleries. The talk series is concerned with making visible the ways in which artists undertake such work, why they do this work, what it means to their practice and professional development and how such work is perceived within the wider context of arts discourse and practice. This talks series is programmed by Lisa Moran: Curator; Education & Community Programmes, IMMA.

Thursday 9th October 5.30pm
Lecture Room IMMA
Bread Matters: Inês Amado

Portuguese artist Inês Amado introduces the history of her project Bread Matters, its ramifications, as well as other related events, such as the collaboration with Cais - the Portuguese magazine equivalent to the Big Issue. A wine reception and book launch follows.


Dirty Minimal / 14.04.08: German artist Almut Linde presented an introduction to her art practice, Dirty Minimal, which relates methods derived from Minimal Art to reality. Her works investigate the formative processes of social systems and how they affect the individual's ability to act within such systems. Almut Linde is currently a participant on IMMA's Artists' Residency Programme. Artist as Educator / 23.07.05: Liz Ellis, Artist and Artist Educator, Interpretation and Education Department, Tate Modern.  Artist as Collaborator / 14.06.03: Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie, collaborative Artists / Curators. We did Stir Things Up / 17.05.03: Emily Pringle, Researcher and Author of We did Stir Things Up. Art and Artists in Context / 12.04.03: Brian Hand, Chair, Patricia McKenna, Artist, Brian Maguire, Artist and Lecturer, and Ailbhe Murphy, Artist.

Dirty Minimal # 52.2 Landscape: 2008
Almut Linde
Family Workshop: What will Museums of the future look like? / 30.08.08, Studio 9

IMMA's Gallery Staff, Stephen Taylor and Patricia Brennan facilitated a family workshop at IMMA to coincide with IMMA's Symposium, Museum 21. The workshop focused on the overall theme of Museum 21; "What will museums of the future look like?". Using construction techniques, children created models of their visions of possible museums of the future. They considered the function of a museum, and how this may be viable for years to come. The group was introduced to the historic 17th century classical architecture of the Royal Hospital site where IMMA is situated and they discussed how this has developed into a contemporary art space. They were also introduced to contemporary architecture and design approaches to museums, including The Guggenheim, Spain; The Guggenheim, New York; Baltic, Newcastle, and the proposed extension to the Tate Modern, London. This workshop was programmed by Seamus McCormack, Assistant Curator: Children's Programmes, Education & Community Programmes, IMMA.