"Given the central role of the 'temple' in the western understanding of a 'museum', to create conditions in which such questions might be asked is and has been a significant challenge... to borrow from Richard Kearney museums can only exist as institute. They are our own creation despite the fact that they seem to be a given fixed rigid and worshiped and as such can be instituted differently"
Siún Hanrahan: An alternative space, Celebrating a Decade, IMMA (2001)

Siún Hanrahan
Chair Person

Siún Hanrahan is a writer and artist and from September 2008, is Head of Research and Postgraduate Development at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. She completed her PhD in 1997 at the University of Ulster and has published in a number of edited anthologies, as well as in journals such as: Leonardo (MIT Press), Source, Circa and the Irish Arts Review. She has worked as a curator in projects such as ARC, a Per Cent for Art project, (2002-2004); 2MOVE: Ireland (2008) and The Pressure of a Sign, (2009-2010). Siún is on the editorial panel of VAI's Printed Project and Tracey, an on-line drawing journal. She is a Director of Photoworks North and a member of Visual Arts Advisory Panel for The Old Museum Arts Centre, Belfast.

Hanrahan's latest work, A Tale of Bread, takes the form of a book in three parts - Milling, Baking and Eating. Bread is connectedness and communion as is Conversation. Conversation is central to meaning as meaning emerges in the encounter with others. It is in and through conversation that identity is constructed.

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