"Setting the parameters of material culture studies has always been difficult because the term is capable of a range of definitions, some of them very broad. In Museum Studies it is most useful to concentrate upon those relatively small, movable pieces for which 'object' or 'thing' is our term in ordinary speech."
Susan Pearce, Researching Material Culture, University of Leicester (2000)

Susan Pearce

Susan Pearce is Professor of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester. She has been elected President of the Museums Association (1996-1998), Vice-President of the Society of Antiquaries of London (2004-2006) and Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University of Leicester (2000-2003). Pearce holds a Research Fellowship at Somerville College, Oxford. She is the author of a number of books including, On Collecting: An Investigation into Collecting in the European History and Museums, Objects and Collection. Pearce was Founder Editor of New Research in Museum Studies. She has published over a hundred papers in learned journals. She is a specialist in the interpretation of Material Culture and her current research project focuses on the unpublished correspondence of C.R. Cockerell and his activities in relation to the sculptures on two Greek temples (1817-1822). Pearce has lectured widely, most recently at the University of Porto, Portugal. Her research interests have always concentrated on material culture, particularly human relationships with the artefact world and the nature and process of collecting.